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Developed in Germany in 1900 by Oskar Vorwerk this is a medium size attractive bird that thrives quite happily on smaller rations than many other breeds of the same size. Imported into Briatin about twenty years ago when Mrs Wallis of Arundel wanted tro form a club for the breed . They are alert and active but not timid. They make an ideal utility and backyarders bird as they lay well. Bantams are recent imports and many are having fertility problems at the moment possibly due to a small gene pool.

Characteristics: They are very good at foraging for food and make excellent birds for farmyards and smallholdings. They are happy free ranging but don't mind being confined in a run at all. They are alert, busy birds with fairly small appetites and chicks are fast growers which mature quickly. However, they are good fliers and can fly around 6 feet so adequate fencing should be provided. The hens lay a good number of white-shelled eggs and will continue to lay throughout the winter. They are easy to tame and are not at all shy. The males are tolerant of each other and you can keep more than one cockerel.

  • Standard Weights: Cock-7-1/2 pounds; hen-4-1/2 pounds; cockerel-5-1/2 pounds; pullet-3-1/2 pounds.
  • Egg Shell Color: White
  • Use: Egg Producer
  • Origin: Germany

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