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Minorca Chickens


Minorcas, originally called Red-Faced Black Spanish, are the largest and heaviest of the Mediterranean breed. The distinct characteristics of the Minorca breed are their long strong bodies, large combs, long wattles, large white ear-lobes, large and full tail moderately elevated, with muscular legs set squarely under the solid body. Available Black, white, blue and as a bantam.

The Minorca was the favourite breed kept by T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia).

Characteristics: The largest of the Mediterranean breeds, they are long, angular birds that appear larger than they are. They have long tai Is, large wide feathers closely held to narrow bodies. Minorcas have relatively large combs and wattles. Good Minorcas are stately, impressive birds and can give a fair return in eggs, although in recent years they have not been intensively selected for that purpose. They are rather poor meat fowl because of their narrow angular bodies and slow growth. Minorcas rarely go broody, are very alert and fairly good foragers.

  • Standard Weights: Cock-9 pounds; hen-7-1/2 pounds; cockerel-7-1/2 pounds; pullet-6-1/2 pounds.
  • Skin Color: White
  • Egg Shell Color: White
  • Use: Egg Producer
  • Origin: Mediterranean

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