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Java Bantam Chickens


Developed in U.S. after being introduced from Java in 1835. Despite the breed's name, which comes from the island of Java in Indonesia, it was developed in the U.S. from Chickens of unknown Asian extraction. It is one of the oldest American Chickens, forming the basis for many other breeds, but is critically endangered today. Javas are large birds with a sturdy appearance. They are hardy, and are well-suited for both meat and egg production, especially by small-scale farms, homesteads, and backyard keepers.

Javas appear in three color variations today: Black, Mottled, and White. The Black has black shanks and beaks, though some yellow may appear in the legs. The plumage is a uniform black hue that has a dark green sheen in the light. The Mottled and White have mostly yellow skin, with horn colored beaks. The plumage of the Mottled is a black base with white markings on the tips of feathers, which imparts a spotted appearance.

Characteristics: Well adaptable to confinement or free range. A calm bird that tolerates confinement but some are fliers and some cocks can be aggressive.

  • Standard Weights: Cock-36 oz; Hen-32 oz; Cockerel-32 oz; Pullet-28 oz.
  • Varieties: Black, Mottled, White
  • Skin Color: Yellow
  • Egg Shell Color: Brown
  • Use: Exhibition
  • Origin: Developed in the USA

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