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Cochin Bantam Chickens


The Bantam Cochin is also known as the Pekin. They are originally from China, but have gained great popularity throughout the world as an ornamental fowl.

Bantam Cochins are moderately sized Chickens. Their impressive plumage makes them appear much larger than they actually are. Cocks usually weigh about 30 ounces and hens around 26 ounces. They have a single, moderately sized comb that stands upright on the head. Their beak is short and curves to a point. The Bantam Cochin's face is very delicate and, unlike other breeds, does not have wrinkles or bristles. Their eyes are moderately large and set in a short head. The entire body of the Bantam Cochin, including its feet and legs, are covered in a dense, soft plumage. Bantam Cochins come in as many as 14 different color variations, though not all are accepted in the show ring.

Characteristics: A vigorous chicken, the Bantam Cochin is most highly valued as an energetic chicken. They are also excellent brooders and can be good egg layers. Many people keep Bantam Cochins as pets. Bantam Cochins are sometimes used as a foster mother for other breeds because of their excellent mothering skills. Well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm, docile; more easily handled.

  • Standard Weights: Cock-32 oz; Hen-28 oz; Cockerel-28 oz; Pullet-26 oz.
  • Varieties: Buff, Golden Laced, Red, Black, Blue, Mottled, White, Columbian, Brown Red, Barred, Partridge, Birchen, Silver Penciled & Splash
  • Skin Color: Yellow
  • Egg Shell Color: Tinted
  • Use: Exhibition
  • Origin: China

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