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Antwerp Belgiums Quail Bantam Chickens

Antwerp Belgiums

The Bearded d'Anvers is a breed of bantam chicken from Belgium. Also called the Antwerp Belgian, both names refer to the breed's origin in Antwerp (the French version being Anvers). The d'Anvers is a true bantam, having no large counterpart from which it was miniaturized.

The Antwerp is a gracious and refined small bantam with a striking asymmetrical body shape. This means that, seen in profile, the front of the body is much heavier than the back. The breast is very large, carried rather high and forward, which gives this bantam a very alert and proud expression. A very well developed trilobed beard is the most striking feature of the Antwerp bearded bantam. The hackle is also very much developed. The comb is a very fine rosecomb which is low and follows the line of the skull. The tail is almost carried vertically in the roosters and is rather poorly developed.

Characteristics: The Bearded d'Anvers is a purely ornamental breed, kept either as pets or by poultry fanciers for showing. The hens of the breed are very friendly to humans, however the roosters may be aggressive to people. Most Bearded D'Anvers live longer and healthier if keep free-range or in an open space with no crowding. Its plumage can by one of fourteen varieties recognized in competition, ranging from Porcelain to Quail (one of the more common for the breed).

It is a diminutive bird with a large, round breast that juts forward and an arching tail. As its name implies, the d'Anvers has a profuse beard of feathers that covers the earlobes. It has a small rose comb and small or nonexistent wattles. Temperamentally, the breed is very amicable, and bears confinement well. Hens lay small white eggs and will go broody.

  • Standard Weights: Cock-26 oz; Hen-22 oz; Cockerel-22 oz; Pullet-20 oz.
  • Varieties: 14 recognized, including Quail, Porcelain, Black, Blue, Buff, Cuckoo, Mille Fleur, White, Mottled.
  • Skin Color: White
  • Egg Shell Color: White
  • Use: Exhibition
  • Origin: Belgium

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